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by Herb on May 1, 2013



10 “Truths” in Marketing Every Small Business Needs to Remembernew marketing tools

The great folks at KISSmetrics posted this article several weeks ago and I have been meaning to share with our readers interested in getting a “handle” on their marketing messages. A great short post with truths about what makes your marketing work from 10 marketers who should know. From Milton Hershey to Peter Drucker to Brian Halligan… advice that will help you stand out!

ASU Small Business and Technology Development Centerby Herb Lawrence, ASU Small Business and Technology Development Center helping small businesses connect with customers from the Delta to the Ozarks.

Good marketing is NOT rocket science… according to one expert… It is MUCH harder! Not so much the mechanics as it is finding your “marketing voice” so your message resonates with your potential customers. Below are 10 lessons learned by successful marketers that are worth taking to heart.

10 Lessons on Marketing10 Lessons on Marketing

Anyone serious about connecting with customers should print this poster and tape it to their computer monitor so they can refer to it constantly! KISSmetric’s synopsis of these is well worth reading as well. You can read his entire post on his blog: 10 Lessons on Marketing (Poster). Thanks for sharing with us!

Of the list the three that I would like all of our small business friends to think about are:

  • #1. “Quality is the Best Advertising” from Milton Hershey. Marketing is not a silver bullet and no matter how much you try to promote your product or service…you can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear. Never could, never will. Quality is expected today and your customers will see through inferior products. Concentrate on quality as defined by your customers.
  • #6. “Understand the Customer” Peter Drucker - If you don’t know more about your target market(s) than they do about themselves you will never really understand what motivates them and what type of message will hit them where they live. Take the time to research your target markets and understand their needs to make a marketing connection.
  • #9 “Market Like the Prospect Shops” Brian Halligan – While it goes back to #6 it also means what do you know about your target market(s) preferences when it comes to receiving marketing messages? If you are using social networks what do you know about how users in general respond on that medium to marketing and more importantly are your target market(s) even using that network? Get to know your target market’s “online haunts” to find out how to reach them.
  • BONUS #11 Not on the list but…” Great Marketing is the Truth Made Fascinating” I heard this the first time at a 3 day seminar in Orlando several years ago from Jay Conrad Levinson and it has remained with me ever since. The greatest marketing tip is make sure your message “fascinates” your target market if you want to connect.

Small Business Marketing Help

social media marketing Robert Bahn and student Intern

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Now it is your turn! What “truths” in marketing are important for you? Let us know!

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