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business informationThe Right Information at the Right Time-At the Right Cost!

Accurate and current information is essential today for businesses if they hope to make the right decisions about their business, their customers, their location and more.

But for many small businesses and entrepreneurs finding the right information to help in their decision process is a challenge.  Either the information is out-dated or is so expensive they cannot afford to purchase it.

The result...making potentially life changing decisions based on incomplete information or worse yet on their “gut”.

Fortunately small businesses and entrepreneurs in Arkansas have an alternative…the Arkansas Small Business and TechnologyDevelopment Center network!  We maintain extensive databases on everything from:

  • Consumer Demographics to pinpoint local customers
  • Consumer Expenditure Habits to help locate the VERY BEST potential customer market research for businesses
  • Market Potential Information
  • Competitor Analysis Data 
  • Up-to-date Industry Information and Forecasts
  • Industry Financial Benchmark information
  • GPS and Geo-locating Mapping Information
  • and much more.
And…the great new is!  It is absolutely FREE of charge to ASBTDC clients.
You now have access to the most up-to-date, cutting edge data to help in your decision-making process with experienced business consultants available to help interpret and analyze the data to ensure you make “informed” decisions about your venture.
There is no reason to GUESS!  Contact our business consultants, Laura Miller or Robert Bahn at the Arkansas State University Small Business and Technology Development Center and find out how you can get the right information at the right time at the RIGHT Cost!
Call for more information at (870) 972-3517 or email us at today.

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