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by Herb on January 10, 2013


Want More Fan Interaction on Facebook? Know the RIGHT Days for Your Marketing with Facebook PagesIndustry

So here you are on Facebook!  You have a page set up, you are posting great information to your fans but…nothing seems to be happening…No “Likes”, no comments, no sharing.. nada!  Is it you?  Your deodorant?  Your message?  Maybe it is the day of the week!    In today’s Astate Small Business Blog learn which days of the week are BEST for your business to get more fan engagement on Facebook. INFOGRAPHIC by Industry below.

Herb Lawrence ASU Small Businessby Herb Lawrence, ASU Small business and Technology Development Center, Helping small business marketers get more out of social media marketing from the Delta to the Ozarks.

The Days of the Week Matter

A recent study from Buddy Social of 1,800 brands was compiled by Bill Ross with LinchpinSEO into this powerful Infographic.  (Infographic) Facebook: Best Days to Post: Segmented by Industry found that depending on the specific industry you operate in (retail, travel, banking, non-profits, etc.) certain days of the week were more likely to get fan interaction than others.  See the entire Infographic below, thanks to Bill Ross and LinchpinSEO for sharing their embed code!

The results have some pretty powerful implications to small businesses serious about leveraging Facebook marketing How to Use Facebook Marketingopportunities.  It is not a case of post when YOU want to (or have a couple of minutes to spare), if you want INTERACTION by fans on your page (Likes, comments, shares, etc… and who doesn’t?) you need to pay attention to the days that your fans are more likely to be interacting.

Different Industries have Different “SWEET Spots”

For example:

In the travel business?  Your best days to post are later in the week and during the weekend… Start on Thursday and peak on Sunday to see the most interaction but don’t expect a lot of Facebook love for posts you sent out Monday through Wednesday.

A non-profit?  Your days are Fridays through Sundays as well.  Although very few non-profits actually post on the weekends, those that do see a 14% increase in fan interaction.

General retail?  Your days aren’t the weekends…they are actually Monday through Wednesday with another spike on Friday but little on weekends.

Even our banking friends on Facebook will be surprised ..Although only 4% of banks post on their Facebook pages on weekends, those who do see a 29% increase in fan interaction.

In all 15 industries are represented in this infographic with some real surprises.

A couple of other factors to consider:

Regardless of the day…posts between 8 pm and 7 am get a 14% higher interaction rate than posts from 8 am to 7 pm.  And brands that post consistently 1-2 X a day see a 19% increase in interaction BUT.. if you are posting more than 7X a week respondents actually saw a 25% decrease.

Check out the complete infographic...print it off and use this information in your marketing calendar…

facebook infographic
Facebook Post Data Segmented By Industry infographic designed by Linchpin Infographic Design

Marketing Take-Aways for Small Businesses

The take away from Bill Ross’s Infographic?  Successful marketing on Facebook is based on when your fan wants to read your posts NOT on when you feel like posting.  Since many of the industries best days are weekends, learn how to use the Facebook scheduler to write your posts prior to the weekend then let them drip automatically while you are home enjoying the ball game.

The other big take away?  Regardless of industries your fans are more active in the evenings not during the business day so another good reason to learn to “Like” that Facebook scheduler.

Finally,  A DISCLAIMER: The study in this blog from Buddy Social included over 1,800 organizations in 15 industries that market on Facebook.  While these recommendations for best days to post came from the observations of these 1,800 companies your results may vary depending on your specific fan base so…use this as a guide but test your own best days with your fans, monitor the interactions using your Insights Analytic  and see which days are actually best for your specific company.

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